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FREE Internet Service Provider Set Up Assistance

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Free is the second largest ISP, after Orange. So maybe one day you may connect to their service.

Advice on connection and configuration of an ADSL connection is available on their web site in french, english ,chinese and turkish.

The following link:


leads to the assistance in english, the page opens with the FREEBOX tab activated and that main tab at the Getting Started option.

The assistance information is pretty easy to navigate with detailed explanations; there are also animated tutorials which can be useful.

Although the vocalisation in the animated tutorials is in french, each stage is accompanied by "sub-titles" to assist in comprehension.

Note the little flag at top right to change to french, useful if you get some help from a french neighbour.

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Sorry to resurrect this old thread but it seems relevant to my question.

Those of you who have followed my predicament with Teleconnect (spit) will be aware that they have downgraded me to 512k from a perfect 2mb (though flaky VoIP since the upgrade fiasco) for no defensible reason and now say that FT will not upgrade me again because according to their (wrong) statistics my line doesn't support it (it does and did until TC (spit) shoved the knife in).

I've been told that Free have mobile techs who can come to a customers premises and independently test a customers line characteristics and if they prove to be significantly at odds with what FT say can demand an investigation and rectification, it's called the 'dual expertise procedure'.

Anybody know if this is true as if it is it seems it could be the ideal workaround for both my problems, A, getting shot of TC (spit), and B, getting my 2mb back, or even more !

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Have you seen this thread on another board?  Or is it you?

What you need to do is make your ISP's life miserable until they launch the dual expertise procedure. If it is similar to what my ISP did it goes like:
- ISP checks line remotely
- if no error; ISP asks FT to check the line remotely
- if no error found by FT, ISP sends a tech on site (a tech from the ISP, that is)
- if the tech can't find anything wrong, and does find out your line sucks, he will launch the next step, which is the dual expertise
- when FT is available, they send a notification to the ISP tech, and you have both FT and the ISP tech come to the house together. FT then has plenty of line analysis gizmos, and they make a line diagnostic
- if the line sucks, then FT will log a ticket to have the line replaced. you have no news when that will happen, one day you'll just notice that some guys are climbing your telephone pole...

I am not near you (well, depends what you call near, but several hundre kms at least). I have been here for a year and a half. I was born in France, but have lived in other countries for a while.

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Not me but yes, I have seen that, and had an exchange with the author. It's where I got the 'dual expertise' thing from.

Problem is Teleconnect (spit) are a tiddler and do not have any techs to come and check the line so it stalls at first base, hence my question about Free because I was told that they do.

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I've been with Free 6 years or more and I think that even if you were a customer of Free they wouldn't send their own engineers to check the line because you are not degroupé consequently the line is the total responsibility of FT/Orange.

If you were degroupé it could be different as you would be paying Free for your line and they in turn would pay FT for the maintenance. How's your French? Here's a link that explains how it happens if degroupé: http://tinyurl.com/yzjxzvy.

I've searched on Free forums but nowhere have I seen anything about their engineers meeting up with FT engineers so I don't know where that has originated from other than in the link posted above. Have you asked FT directly what would be the best they could supply you if you hypothetically changed from Telespit to them?

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Sorry Ernie, I've had to delete the text in 2 of your posts, as they were corrupting the forum layout [:(]

You can re post them if you like, but please don't cut and paste them from anywhere, as I think it was this that was causing the problem.

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Thanks Cat, it was all my own work actually but no matter.

Danny I think you are right and in fact have just come off the phone from signing up with them and how easy was that [:'(]

I've gone for the Internet/TV/Unlimited calls package @ €49.90 inclusive and I also get a free telephone plus a 3G USB dongle with 2 hours/mth free usage. They also say that I should get between 1 & 2mb which will be orgasmic but does make me wonder if there is some skulduggery at work because no other check, be it via Degrouptest, Ariase, etc etc. shows better than 512kb [blink] [blink]

Interestingly, and I had not heard of this from anywhere else, they say that the TV now comes via Astra @ 28deg, the same as Sky, so instead of having to erect a new dish I can just take another feed from one of the 2 spare connections I have on my Quad LNB, cushtie !

I'm going to start a new thread on that because I think it's a very important development which many are unaware of.

Finally I just have to sign the letter they are going to send me and they will take care of the cancellation with Telespit and say that the changeover should occur on the same day, i.e. when Telespit stops I just replace their router with the new Orange one and away we go.

Fingers crossed that theory turns into practice !

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