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Small laptops and a dongle

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Could someone out there please enlighten an elderly novice on this subject.

I am due to be away from home for a month or so and would like to be able to keep in contact.  Will not be in hotel so cannot use their internet.

My daughter has suggested I buy a Samsun NC10 laptop.  How do I connect to the internet?  This would be in France and in Spain.  I understand you can purchase a "dongle" which is used va a mobile phone.  Where I am staying will not have an internet connection.

I do not want to go into one of the computer stores and get a lot of sales jargon and buy the wrong thing.

I understand that my laptop would need to initially be connected to my internet server at home but it is after that which I do not understand.

Any help would be gratefully received.



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Hi Wendy

Although I am not qualified to advise you on anything technical regarding computers, I think I'm right in saying that you will pay a high cost for this method of staying in touch. I investigated the same last April and, although it was possible, the cost of using the mobile network whilst in Europe would have been prohibitive. I have friends here who have Blackberry mobiles and pay an extra amount per month to be able to send and receive emails, I'm not sure though how much extra they do pay for this bolt on. I'm sure someone else on the forum will have better advice for you and I hope you find a workable solution.
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Lots of bars offer free Wi-Fi hook ups ...Also the cafe areas in the Hypermarkets seem to be providing it .Places like "Flunch " for example ..and its free in Mc Donalds. I should think using a dongle from the UK suppliers would be expensive ...might be a better idea to have a local pay as you go one . I use the bars and I am away for over a month at a time .it works for me .
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it looks like you dont need a dongle for that, it says it has built in broadband.

from the uk spec...'Get online in a flash. From just £25 a month you get the award-winning

Samsung NC10 netbook with 1GB of mobile broadband. And because our

superfast mobile broadband is built-in, there's no separate modem to

worry about'.

therefore as far as i know when you buy the laptop you purchase a contract, as you do with a mobile phone.

this sounds easier than linking your phone to your laptop

it will be nothing to do with your home computer. but where ever you are you must ensure you have the coverage as you would need to use the phone, but be aware im told the connection reliability etc isnt so good compared with a home connection.

finally you can do without a connection if your laptop is wifi enabled and you can find a cafe etc which if wifi enabled

hope this assists


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Wendy May I suggest you look at JiWire.com website and if you know the town you are staying in you can put it in a search and it will give you the addresses of places with WiFi connections you are free to use ...For example if you put in La Rochelle they give you a choice of 91 places to hook up.
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Frederick, that looks like a very useful site, I've added it to favourites. There were a few places listed for our little town that I wouldn't have thought of.

Wendy, have the places you're visiting got internet cafes? We've used them in a lot of places, and our little town has had one for a long time; it's quite small but touristy, so gets travellers in all the time as well as the local youth and people like us. We've just recently got internet at home, so I don't need to go down there now, apart from things that need photocopying, lie boarding passes etc.


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We have the Samsung NC10 netbook and use it all the time travelling in France and Spain and even the UK. It has built in wifi (ie you don't need a modem) but you still need to connect to broadband via someone's network. A UK mobile dongle is very expensive when used abroad and the mobile network in France can be very hit and miss so don't bother with a PAYG dongle in France either. Here in Lot et Garonne there are local internet or"cyber" cafes including Expert (who sell TV, HiFi and white goods) and for the cost of a cup of coffee (1 Euro 20) your computer will connect automatically though it will ask if you want to connect to an "unsecured network". Make sure you have a good anti virus programme. The 3 months "free" McAfee subscription installed on the NC10 will run out quicker than you think so get a full years subscription installed before you leave the UK (though not necessarily McAfee). If you are unsure what to do your daughter or a friend will no doubt help. The touchpad "mouse" takes some getting used to and if you don't like it you can buy a usb mouse (like the one you normally have with your PC but smaller), and we recommend you buy a good padded carry case (available in France for about 19 Euros but they maybe cheaper in the UK). Hope this helps - if you have any more queries just ask.

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