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Having been told we could have an 'on/off' arrangement for the internet by calling up each time we arrived in France and then calling again when we leave ( which is not true) we find ourselves with an unneeded Livebox. We don't know quite where would be the best place to try and sell it. Any ideas, please?

Thank you.


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[quote user="debiphysio"]

Thank you so much for your reply. I will have to have a good read through it all! Apparently the on/off contract changed 2 weeks before we signed it and they wanted about 26 euros a month and then wouldn't let us turn it on and off.


Aahh! Sorry about that. Amazing how things can change so quickly.


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There is a problem when trying to sell a French livebox

Most liveboxes are not owned but rented. Somehow only the rented boxes get stolen and replaced by Orange. These stolen boxes are  then blocked  by Orange and will no longer function. Any potential buyer will be reluctant to pay decent  money for a box that might not work at all or stop later as the owner 'discovers' his livebox is missing.

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