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Orange /Frence Telecom helpline

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I didn't know that, but I would have guessed - the old number was 0800 something.

The new one you quote is an 09 number - that series of numbers are not free to call.

Thanks for the info anyway - luckily, I can't remember the last time I had to call them.

Regards - Tim

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I phoned the helpline about my package, but that is another story, I was going through my options on the phone, I was told by the operator that I was paying for this call, which surprised me and when I asked why, was told that I was paying for this call as it was a special line no, a 09 no but I said that all my calls were free and was told that it was charged at the local rate so I again said I got these free, but was told No this was a paying line. So any 09 nos arn't Free
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