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Cancelling France Telecom Phone Line

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I want to cancel my France Telecom phone line - 12 months contract is almost up and I'm moving country - and I want to do it by letter.  Anyone know the address that I should send it to?

Also, does anyone have a sample letter that I could use?  Would be much appreciated.

I believe 7 days notice is enough.  Is that correct?

Thanks in advance.

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If you use the search facility HVH (put "cancel contract" or something similar into the search box, top right) then it leads you pretty rapidly to this thread:


OK it's about ISP contracts but the principal is the same.  Otherwise you can search Google France, as there is a website somewhere which will cancel contracts on your behalf, including doing recorded post etc etc.  But for a fee of course so best to just adapt Clair's useful letter.

Or of course, Syntax's method will work just as well.[:)]

EDIT : Sorry  - I don't know why but that didn't come up as a live link.  TRY THIS

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