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3G Wifi USB Stick

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We have just completed on our place in the Vendee and we plan to go their for easter. There is no telephone line and I will need a wifi connection. I am thinking of getting a 3G wifi USB stick to use with my laptop.

Has anyone used one of them and/or can anyone tell me where can I sign up for a contract for one in France.

Many Thanks


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I'm sure someone will be along to advise you on the options but just for clarity 3g and WiFi are 2 entirely separate things.

3g is communication via mobile phone whereas WiFi relies on hotspots such as McDonalds (or perhaps a neighbours unsecured router [Www])

Your laptop will normally be WiFi enabled but you will need a dongle for 3g.

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Thank you Bugsy, I should have used my Blackberry last time to see if i can pick up any WIFI open networks.

I take that all of these 3G dongle contracts will be 12month minimum and not pay as you go types.

Will let you know once I got this sorted

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Hi I am using a Bouygues Telecom cle 3g+ (a dongle to you) which is contract but is available payg.I found Bouygues to be the best package and you can sign up online.

Take a look at this http://www.laboutique.bouyguestelecom.fr/forfaits-mobiles-offres-internet/forfaits-internet-mobile-3G.html

I hope this will help.Am not sure if the link will be live you may have to copy.
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