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need help again please

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sorry to ask again, but we have found what we want on the french telecom site, after Clair's help, to divert our land line calls to our mobile, BUT, we can't get it to work, you have to dial *21* then put in your mobile number, then # but nothing happens the land line just keeps ringing it doesn't divert, has anyone ever done this with their phone please, hubby went down to F/T shop today, but all they say is dial 3000, which we did, but as our phone french is pretty poor, we are still none the wiser. Thanks alot.

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The below is coppied from out FAQ part of this section.....................................

Orange is the brand name for French Telecom.

To contact Orange on an English speaking helpline from within France you can call  0969 36 39 00

If you want to call them from outside France then call 0033 969 36 39 00

To cancel your Orange account you can also write to the address below, don't forget to send it registered post.:

Orange Service Clients Internet

Unite 22

33734 Bordeaux

Cedex 9

Updated 27th Nov 2009.

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The facility to transfer calls is something you have to pay a subscription for  (1.5 euros per month, plus  0.11 euros every time you switch it on) in addition to the cost of each call transferred to your mobile.

You sign up either by ringing 3000, or this link might work


Until you have signed up the transfer request won't register.



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