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another internet question

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im looking for an occsional internet package for my maison seconde

im recommended a Bouygues cles internet package 10e per month, with 2 hours per night and unlimited at weekends

id be grateful for anny advice/views



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I have one of these keys and I must say I'm very impressed although I'm in Luxembourg and get 7.2 Mb/s (Tango.lu)  and I think you get 3.6Mb/s with Bouygues.

Your only real concern is do you get a good mobile phone signal where you want to use the key?  If a Bouygues mobile phone gets a good strong signal then you have no problems. If not then the key is going to struggle too.

I use mine an awful lot now and am considering getting the Bouygues key for use in France.  I wish that roaming data charges weren't so bloomin' steep so I could use my existing key.


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