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HUMAX and BBC iPlayer

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Tried iPortal when it was free and it worked very well as long as you didn't mind watching progs on the computer screen at the time and our broadband speed was not really good enough so occasional programme freeze. Have had some success in transferring recorded progs from the Humax to the computer using a USB key/stick though not much point unless you want to put them on DVD. File size should not exceed 4GB, limit of FAT32 formatted USB keys so most SD progs transfer ok but not HD ones unless they are very short! Like the Humax Foxsat HDR/GB PVR box but find the remote buttons a bit small........Good luck................JR  
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Nah - can't be bothered with all that iPortal stuff. To be honest I rarely sit down long enough to watch very much. Would have been nice to have iPlayer functionality but no big deal I'll just record what I want and watch when I can.

Gonna go out and buy the 320g HDR this arvo. :)


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