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Which Freesat HDR to buy ???

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Grundig generally have had issues in the past with reliability,   but then you could say "who hasn't?"     I generally have a "good" perception of Panasonics but in reality my original Panasonic DVD recorder had a problem with the power supply,  easily rectified with a £15 part and a soldering iron,   but unfortunate even so,  and extremely widespread as there was a whole discussion thread on the internet devoted to all the other people who'd had the same problem.....

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Very pleased with my Humax (hope I haven't jinxed it ) - I would place it in the top two in all the kit I've bought over the years - and I've had some equipment go through my hands.

My machine is nearly 18 months old now and hasn't missed a beat. It does everything I ask of it. Fingers remain crossed.

Regards - Tim

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