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No chance of Orange ADSL what next ?

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Ever is a long time and too long for you unfortunately.

ISDN may be an option and I don't know exactly how it works in France but in UK to make the best of of it, which is still only 128k, you need 2 phone lines bonded together, a rather expensive proposition for precious little benefit.

If WiMax is not available in your area then your only other choice would be a satellite service. @ a typical 2mb speed this might seem atttractive until you remember that they mostly come with fairly draconian download limits which can average out at little more than 130k/day, easy to hit in a couple of hours with nothing more than mail and the content of media rich web sites.

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[quote user="Anton Redman II"]Start knocking on doors locally and find who else wants ADSL . Try the mayor and local schools. Find out where the nearest place with ADSL is and which exchange they use. Have a look at cost of microwave to nearest exchange with ADSL.[/quote]

Absolutely agree with this ... a bit like it was in the UK, some time ago, for smallish villages. And still is for some more remote areas I understand.


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Thanks for all the responses. I apologise for not having given more detail in my original question. We have had this house now for eight years and started enquiring about ADSL about seven years ago. In the time between I've done all the begging and so on that has been suggested and then last year my neighbour, only 150 metres away, informed me that he has ADSL. This year we were promised it by the end of May. When OH rang on Friday to see how things were progressing he was told that we can't ever have it. If they had said that they were dealing with permanent residents first I could have understood. A supervisor is supposed to be ringing us tomorrow.

We are mystified by what is going on - the test your line website says that we can have it.

Thanks again for the replies - I will let you know what transpires.

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Several years ago my local district council were planning to utilise a redundant TV mast for Wimax. In the relatively flat terrain of East Anglia it offered the real possibility of a service for thousands potentially but they pussy footed about with it for so long that BT and landline events completely overtook the project and now, if it even still exists, it appears to be aimed only at commercial customers. The web site from 2004 is still up bizarrely but note the eye watering prices and what you were (are?) getting for them [:-))]


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