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Credit Agricole & Paypal

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I still have my Paypal linked to a UK account, I'd much rather take a small hit on the exchange rate than pay a flat fee per transaction !

Just half an hour ago in fact I sent €55 to a German seller and Paypal's rate was 1.16 something.

Unlike some I have no problem with buying from eBay.fr with a UK Paypal A/C although Paypal makes a mess of my French address by insisting on adding United Kingdom to the end so I make sure I add a note when paying and back it up with a separate email.

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[quote user="Mr Coeur de Lion"]On my recent trip to the US, every transaction I made was a €7.50 charge.[/quote]

That's not quite what you said in your first post though is it. Were you buying in $ and the charge was for currency conversion ?

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Exactly, I buy from the UK and there's never any charges and my account is linked to a French bank. We were with CA Britline before we moved over and for the first couple of months after which we left them and went to a local bank (Bank Populare) because of the regional thing. Banking is different to the UK and it took us some time to work things out but once you know the system then you can 'play' it.
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Sounds like their standard card charge for overseas use then [:(]

Personally it would not have entered my head to use my CA card in the US, and certainly not without checking what the penalty would be, but then I still have both Nationwide and LlloydsTSB debit and credit cards, maybe your CA card is your only one though so no choice.

I think you'd best check what rate they have exercised the transactions at to.

A rather more expensive trip than you envisaged by the sounds of it [blink]

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Normally after or at the first transaction Pay Pal will

invite you to invest funds with the PayPal of your country (reading this from

your IP address) You should have received an email from them about this, for

some reason you have not been notified of this. But it is not a problem you

just have to open an account  with :PayPal.fr  and as a local transaction will not  be charged at the same rate. I run a website business

and divert the customer  via there IP to

the correct payment account automatically . Regarding  Credit Agricole  i kicked them into touch long ago, both

business and private accounts, and now use Caisse D`Epargne.  Bob Goff  Software

Harvest .com

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Another way would be to transfer a chunk of money into your paypal account. One transfer: one fee.

I had a refund from a faulty item about a year ago, and have been drawing on the credit balance since then. It's not as if you would be forefitting a huge lump of interest from your CA balance, now is it!


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