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Well, Astra 2/Eurobird seemed the most likely but what we asked, and what we need to know is what receiver are you using?

When we know that, I'm sure someone will be able to give advice as to where France 24 has gone.


Regards - Tim

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Curiously enough I'm getting the dreaded "no satellite signal is being received" on France 24 on a Sky box,  along with several other similar channels (eg Russia Today).   Most other things are working.

I'll have a little investigate and see if there's a link...


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Having had a play,   my problem seems to be a highly unusual fault involving a sudden unfavourable interaction between two receivers using a twin LNB.

But France 24 is definitely still working,  so all I can suggest is that you check the signal strength and tell us if this is a Sky box or a "freesat" box or an ordinary bog standard satellite receiver.....

For completeness the details are 11662 MHz Horizontal pol,  27500 kbps and 2/3 FEC.

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[quote user="Tim"]


oops - snap Martin


I increasingly feel that Tim and I are like two well-oiled tigers (if one can have such a thing) prowling the sub-forum looking for people with satellite problems.   And there ain't that many now....

Certainly I feel quite "under-employed" at a time when that the influx of property purchasers to France is so much on the wane and people's sat systems have largely settled down.....

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Tim & Martin (I think I can safely ignore Wooly at the moment)

I have looked at the box (I hope that's what you mean?)  It says récepteur satellite numérique, so I guess that's the receiver.  The make is SEDEA 56200.

Is that the info you need, or should I have been looking at something quite different?[:$]

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No that's useful in that it tells us that it is neither a Sky box nor a "freesat" box.

I'm not sure if France 24 has moved since you last tried to look at it,  it's difficult to tell from the charts but I don't think it's changed certainly since March 2010.

Can you see any indication of signal strength and quality?   On some boxes they are displayed each time you change channels and come up as little bargraphs often which vanish along with the programme name after a few seconds.    If not,   you should be able to get an idea of signal from one of the menu options -  it may be under "add channels" or "find new channels" or similar.    If you tune in France 24 (even if you can't see it) and then try to find the signal menus it may actually tell us quite a bit more.   Quality is the important figure,   rather than strength....

If you can easily find the "add channels" function try doing a scan on the frequency and polarisation and symbol rate that I posted earlier.    If France 24 has moved any of its parameters this may "re-find" it.    If the message comes up saying "no signal" then we'll know that there's likely to be a dish misalignment problem.

France 24 (along with some of the "budget" channels) are on a satellite close to but not co-located with the main Astra fleet,  and so it's sometimes the case that a dish that is optimised for the BBC/ITV etc is a bit lacking for some of these "lesser" channels. 

Try and get an idea of signal and we'll go from there.

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Thank you so much for trying to talk us through it.  Unfortunately we are totally clueless!

But, don't worry, Martin, we know someone who is an ace at this and we shall be seeing him soon so we will ask him to come along and tune it for us.

Thanks all the same to you and to Tim.

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Sorry guys - have been out for the evening but it seems as if all will be sorted out.


Martin - I think you're right. I must admit it's a while since there's been a decent issue to sort out. Still, I remain on standby - if needed.

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This is just to put some detail on what Martin has already posted.

The first thing to do is select France24 and you will probably get the message "Aucun ou mauvais signal" ... assuming that the Sedea S6200 is programmed with the Menu in French.

Press Menu, use the Right Hand arrow button until you arrive at "Options" and from there choose "Qualité du Signal". Ignore the Niveau and Qualité bars and look at the line underneath ... it should say "Astra 2 28.2°E, 11661 MHz, 27500 Ks/s H". If it says that, then have a look at the Niveau and Qualité bars ... as an example, the S6200 on our test dish (which is deliberately not brilliant) clocks in at Niveau = 84% and qualité = 90%.

The next thing to do is select a channel with which you have no problems ... say, BBC 2 England. Select BBC2 and follow the same procedure above to arrive at the "Options" sub-menu and thence "Qualité du Signal". Again, using our test dish as a guide, you should be seeing Niveau at around 84% and qualité between 90% and 100%. As with all digital satellite receivers, the Niveau or Strength is nowhere near as important as the Qualité.

If your signal quality is less than 90%, it suggests that there is a general malaise with your dish installation and there's plenty of information here on this forum to get that sorted.

One more thing and this has been emphasised quite correctly on this forum ... before you start fiddling with your satellite dish, always test your receiver on someone else's dish first. Before you do that, verify that their dish installation is perfect ... ask if there are any problems with certain channels like France 24, EuroNews and Classic FM. If there are ... ask somebody else to help test your box.

If you do need help in programming channels on any Sedea box, there is help on our site here in English: (just choose the model from the list)


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