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Facebook request but I do not subscribe!

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For the first time I was sent an email through facebook because a friend has joined and wanted me to be added! Facebook is not for me but could someone please answer how out of 6 people listed with this message -:

"Other people you may know on Facebook:"

I know 4 of them (no way could these 4 be acquainted with the person that has just joined facebook) .... so how did facebook know I know them as I do not subscribe and this was the first request. I am confused.watsit! Thank you
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Perhaps your E-mail address is on the contacts list of these 4 people?

Its not for me either but having never looked at it, nor being likely to I am only going on gut feeling and the acquaintances that I know that reckon its great!

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[quote user="Richard51"]They will be facebook friends of the person who sent you the email.  The assumption is that you will have some mutual friends - the  (social) network concept.

Mrs R51


thanks for the replies,but Mrs R51 thats what I find so bizarre the one person that sent email through face book asking me to join can under no circumstances know of the 4 people I know out of the 6!!!
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I'm also not interested in facebook, and have no intention of joining. I get these requests from too, and had also been intrigued at what connection there can possibly be between various people. However, since being on this forum, I've come to realise that it must happen a lot. Somebody I know only through the forum 'really' knows two sets of people from UK who live very close to me in France, and who I know 'really'. Neither of those two would have thought there could be any connection this person and me, but this forum is the link. There's no facebook connection in this case, but I can now see how it might happen.

Nice to see you on here MBK!  [:)]

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