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Normandy - Looking for a holiday home !

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I expect you get lots of postings like this! But all help most welcome. We are 53, 2 grown up kids, one grandson and would really like a holiday home in Normandy. (we are coming to France at the end of Jan.) We have about 50000 cash and want something which is at least habitable with some land! Any recommendations about areas? what we could get for the money? agents ? help in general?

Gaynor Wingham
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When we purchased our home in Normandy we looked at what would be best for us, ie do you want to use it for weekends as well as holidays if so you dont want to be too far away from the ports as you will spend most of your time travelling. We have a house near Tessy sur vire, even though we are neary Cherbourg and Caen, we actually prefer going to Calais and driving down which takes about 4 hours once in calais. We are pleased with the area we are in reminds me of Devon and we are not too far from the coast. As regards to whom to buy from see my post regards Notaire info. We purchased our house thru an english estate agent but we are looking for another and this time we will do it ourselves as you seem to save money in the long run. You should be able to get what you want for the money you have but I would recommend getting an english solicitor to look into everything for your its worth the money once you have found your property.
Regards Jeanie
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WE had no choice in choosing an area when we moved to France 6 months ago, as my husband was offered a job in Normandy, but since being here I wouldn't change for anything. We live close to St Mere Eglise/St Marie du Mont. There are quite a few houses in this area priced between 350,000ff and 500,000ff. We used the Notaires in Carentan and St Mere Eglise. Both speak little English but were so helpful and efficient. It took 6 weeks from the time we made the offer to completion. There are a few English speaking agents in the area. La Haye du Puits is one place we also looked at and has a helpful English agent there. The things we have found great about the area is that although we have a farm (4 bedrooms,on 2 acres, 5 km from beach, bought for 550 000 ff)and are secluded we are only 15 mins by car from the nearest town. Cherbourg is only 40 mins away which is great for collecting friends or popping across to UK, we are not tired by the time we get there and it was great when the fast boat was working to Portsmouth. We found we had no problems getting our carte de sejour. The office at St Lo were also helpful and efficient. The area south of St Lo might be a good one to look. House prices seem to be slightly cheaper there, it is so pretty yet still close to so many places and offers easy access to ferries. It also seems to have quite a few English couples in the area. If you need any help with more specific queries (phone no's etc) let me know.
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