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Rural  Worcestershire

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Stop boasting you lot. We have been promised an upgrade with a new fibre optic cable to 20mps. It was supposed to be activated at the end of 2010 but I've now been told March. Openreach seems to have taken up residence in the village.

We shall see.

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We are around a mile and a half from our exchange and have had problems with the line for a week now following them 'doing some work on the distribution side'.  The speeds were never great before but they are adamant that the problem has been resolved and everything is as it should be. Notwithstanding the horrendous crackles and noise on the line that makes the phone almost unusable, you can see the speeds we are achieving - and that's at a quiet time, and the connection hasn't dropped out - early evening it is worse than dial up.  Paying for an 'up to 8Meg' connection that, according to both their figures and the BT line tester, anything between 4 and 6 Meg is achievable.  The guy at Pipex (now Tiscali/TalkTalk) jumped through hoops yesterday trying to get us to stay with them when I asked for the MAC so that we can return to BT (and £10 a month cheaper).

That's moan today over and done with [:@]

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