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At long last a decent French mobile company

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[quote user="cooperlola"]I have yet to use mine so it's increasinly unlikely that I'll make a call within the required three months, thus the credit is going to disappear unless I give them more money.[/quote]

Just use your mobile to phone yourself on your landline and hang up after a few seconds - thats all it takes, saves topping up.

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You dot have to pay tem more money Coop's just send one texto.

I seem to recall we both lost our credit illimité to NRJ because of non use, I aint going to get caught again, paying more money to protect what you have already paid takes me back to the bad old days of Orange.

I just tried but it appears with Lebara you cannot send a text to a landline, with Orange I could and it would (try to) speak the words, I used to love sending swear words in English to English people in France, those that spoke no French and would panic on recieving a call, to hear some disembowelled voice uttering anglo saxon swear words with a French accent really freaked some out [6]

I just dialled 2323 to find my credit balance and found another thing they have got spot on, I chose the French language but the lady tha recorded the speech prompts speaks slowly and clearly and with an authority like she is speaking to a cretin, absolutely perfect [:D]

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Just wondered if all was OK with this mobile company before I order a sim. My bank keep bugging me for a french mobile number to send security codes to when using their card on the net. I tried giving them a UK no. but their computer will not accept it. I had an Orange PAYG years ago but kept loosing money when the top-up time expired.

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Problems, problems, problems...............

Got a SIM from Lebara last week and registered it online - no problem. Put it in my old mobile and it wouldn't work so I bought a very cheap unblocked phone off eBay. Tried the SIM in it and it comes up with "Code Blocage Reseau", asking for an 8 digit code.

Phoned Lebara this morning and was told by some guy (Indian call centre?) that they were having problems with some of their SIMs and he would get back to me after lunch with a fix. He didn't ring so I phoned back and got some silly woman who didn't have a clue, her collegue had gone home!

I sort of lost it and eventually she promised an engineer would ring me back in 30 minutes, that was about 45 minutes ago. If this is their idea of support I might just dump this SIM in the bin!

I would be interested to hear if anyone else has had problems.

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Yeah, I have an Orange SIM that works fine in the new phone and have tried the new SIM in two unblocked phones. The guy I spoke to this morning on the helpline seemed to know what he was talking about but the woman this afternoon was just so dim it was unbelievable. I have sent an email to the company as I just don't think those from the helpline will ring back.

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Can I recommend Zeroforfait (option compteur). I have used them since they launched and they are very good. On the SFR network, billed by the second from the first second, very competitive rates. You get an email bill at the end of each month, you only pay what you've used. Minimum 15€ per trimestre. Various options available but I just have their 'compteur' option. If anyone is interested I can 'parrain' you if you PM me your email & name and we both get a credit.

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