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ITV and E4 freeze in the evening

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I would guess that the dish (and/or LNB) is not correctly aligned for maximum reception. But.... without more info - which channels work all the time, what make/model decoder, if you received the problem channels OK in the past. etc - it is very diffcult to give you any better advice.

Could you borrow another decoder to try with your dish OR take your decoder to someone else's house where everything works OK. This may narrow down the cause of problems to either the decoder or the installation.


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My friends back in France always found that the picture froze when the One Show was on. We thought it had something to do with the insufferable Adrian Childes, but the same thing happened when Chris Evans took over.

Wait, I'm seeing a pattern here...

But seriously, it only ever did it on BBC1 when that programme was on.
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I have a similar problem from time to time with my elderly Sky+ box, usually when I want to watch a footy match.  Some channels are more prone to the freezing than others, although they do seem to take it in turns and only affect the ones I want to watch. 

It has been suggested that the problem lies within the box itself, possibly to do with the hard drive or a software problem (not helpful I know).  The thing is going on the junk heap when we finally move to our new place.

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We lose all ITV channels, C4+1, More4, E4 (no hardship there - I hate Friends!) and Sky News in the evening - they work perfectly well during the day.  We use a non-Freesat box, i.e. a French FTA box.  I can happily live without X Factor on Ice Get Me Out of Here, but apparently the eldest girl brat can't.  There are a few things I wouldn't mind seeing on those channels though.

Have tried retuning the box, and twiddling (minutely) the LNB to no effect.  Any ideas?

Many thanks.

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