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Wanadoo / Orange Internet

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Is it just me, or is the Orange / Wanadoo Internet service very S..L..O...W lately.

It seems to have been dreadful here in the last fortnight, with pages taking several minutes to load. Its a Broadband connection.

Calls to Orange have a never-ending queue.

Just found a number for the English speaking service - Closed over the weekend!! 0969 363900
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Nowt out of the ordinary to report here either.

TBH asking such a question is generally futile. The FT/Orange network and infrastructure is so vast and diverse that it would be highly unusual for even a significant number of customers to experience the same problem unless they were on the same exchange perhaps.

Try downloading Visual Route Lite, it will show you exactly where the bottlenecks are.


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Had four long sessions with the Orange English speaking Assistance. Various suggestions, mainly that my PC was at fault, Then, Mmmm possibly our Livebox?

Finally this morning I found out [not from Orange support who didn't know!] that the whole area has been off for 10 days due to a server fault!

I need a new ISP
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