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Working from home and need Internet Access

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Hello Everyone

Well, this is my first post as I have just bought a property in Normandy and I am very excited about spending some quality time there.

My question is :- there is a phone line installed in the property, would I be better to have the Internet installed via the phone or would I be better off having a dongle ? I imagine that for the next year or so I will only be visiting the property for about 5/6weeks in total and the odd weekend here and there.

I must say that I have a large Internet usage, I run a number of web based businesses and I use about 300MB a day.

Your advice and help would be much appreciated. Also, if you feel the fixed line solution would be better, do you have a choice of provider like in the UK or is one tied to France Telecom ?

Kind regards

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Hi Lucky, and welcome to the forum.

People far more knowledgeable than I will be along shortly to give you good advice.

In the meantime, from my humble experience, I would say visit this site and enter your French phone number and postcode.  Then you will see what options are open to you.

For example, it turns out that my holiday cottage is so far down the line that I have no other option but Orange, and a max speed of 0.5MB.   For this I pay about 24 euros a month - which seems fairly extravagant when I am there less than half the year AND am paying a broadband provider in my London home.

Hope you are in a more internet-friendly place!


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[quote user="Loiseau"]If you have the telephone number of a near neighbour, you could put that in;  the availability of ADSL in your area will presumably be the same.[/quote]Not a given, it's quite possible for two adjacent properties to have lines coming from entirely different places.

In the absence of a phone number a very broad yardstick to establishing what speed you might be able to get would be to find out where the nearest exchange is and how far away it is, then add at least 50% and look it up on this chart.


Then for final measure halve it !!!!


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Just a tactful heads-up - the fact that you will be working from your house in France, if you're not planning on being tax resident/registered to work here, is not something you will want to shout from the rooftops. So keep it fairly quiet, and don't, for instance, try to set up business account with Orange.
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