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Worrying Spam E-mail

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I made the mistake not long ago of saying that I never recieved spam on my hotmail account, famous last words!!

Today whilst skimming through the junk folder to find the occasional genuine one I found a message that concerns me as the senders name was my full name.

I should explain that I have set up my own e-mail address as a contact with my full name as the name of the contact.

This spam mail purportedly from Chancer to Chancers E-mail address contained nothing buy cyrillic characters so of course i dont understand the content, not that I care but what does worry me is how it has occurred, has my address book been hacked?

If I were to send or forward to myself an E-mail it would appear in my inbox not the junk folder, this was in the junk folder and it says that it was sent from my e-mail address but i suspect that the real one is hidden somewhere behind it.

Like I said my concern is for the security of my contacts and my saved mails, any suggestions?

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It's probably not really from your account, you need to look at the source and this is how you do it. Go in to the junk section then place your mouse over the unopened email or the header (if you have your window split i.e. top half shows the message header and the bottom half shows the content then it's in the top half) and right click on it, a drop down menu will appear. Select "View message source" and you will see the 'code' of the email which will include a line that says "Received" (NOT "Received From") and further down you may also see "Return Path". If both or mainly the Received line does not contain your email address then it's not been sent from your account i.e. your account has NOT been hacked. If it has your email address in the "Received" line then you may have a problem in that your account may have been hacked. These people are clever which is why I have used the word "may".

Hope that helps.

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Our elder son's address book has been 'acquired' by some outfit in Canada and every now and then, we and others get Viagra ads sent to us.

Unfortunately, the Priest over here who married them 3 yrs ago is also on his mailing list: he got one some months back!  I dropped by to apologise and explain.  He thought that it was hysterical, but only after he heard it from me - he does what we should all do and deletes anything from an unknown source.

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I may have said before how I receive rather dubious mails apparently from myself. As I do not need any more operations or extensions of my anatomy they might be seen as amusing, but some of the people in my address book also have received similar mails, and at least one lady in an association I belong to was only half convinced that they didn't come from me...

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