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Orange phone line + internet all-in ?

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I'm sure I read somewhere of a package where Orange bundle line rental and internet all in one deal but search as I may I cannot find it on the Orange site.

We currently pay separately (FT) for our 16€ per month phone line then (Orange) 33€ for broadband/TV/free calls/livebox rental but we don't need the last three items. I just want a phone and broadband line. Have I dreamt this ? Is there a cheaper deal ? Can anyone point me at it ?

Thanks in advance.

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is phone line (and most free calls included) and internet all in one at 38.90 euros. You have to call up to subscribe to this and there is a 12 month minimum engagement.


is broadband (up to 8 Mb only) at 21,00 euros. You still pay the 16 euros line rental with this one. No engagement, cancel any time.

With either of these you can use a rented livebox at 3,00 euros or use your own compatible ADSL modem/router if you wish.


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You can also save the 3 Euros a month rental for a Livebox, because you can use virtually any old router, including my unlocked BT model, as you aren't using VOIP phone calls . You still get plenty of free calls via the old fashioned method of a phone plugged into the wall!
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