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SoundHound - All that French music (or any other music come to that) you have never heard before and want to buy it. Press the button and point your phone at the music, ten seconds later it tells you what it is and gives you the link to download it plus the words so you can sing alone.
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If you like cooking (in English!), the new BBC Good Food app has 8 free cookbooks for a limited period (usually £1.50 each).

Details HERE.

Edit: this is really good! Each cookbook has 160-180 recipes and can be searched easily and logically. Best free cooking app I've seen for a long while (and I have a few!)

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Help! I am trying to subscribe to the Guardian and Observer app at the end of the trial period. I am subscribing from my French itunes account, but after I have entered my password it just goes back to the subscribe page. Any ideas?
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Translator with Speech - FREE



iTranslate Voice





Not free but gives examples and conjugation and if you have an Internet connection pronunciation.

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[quote user="EmilyA"]Just wondered what apps people have found useful here in France? I have got Star Walk, Chaine Meteo, Trafic and Arte (though it seems to be in German). What else is good, free or otherwise?[/quote]

iTunes have just relaunch their "12 Days of Christmas" app for 2012.

Download the app to receive a free gift (game/song/film/TV program) on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch every day for 12 days from 26th December.

If you have different iTunes IDs for different countries, it may be worth checking with each ID during the "12 days of Christmas", as the Freebee may differ in each country.

If you do not have an iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch, you can download the free gift from the page above from 26th Dec.

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