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SIM available for IPAD?

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We are thinking of buying an IPad with wifi plus 3G on a pay as you go tariff. The assistant in the shop said that we would be able to buy a french

SIM card to use while we are in France. I have done a search but can only find monthly contracts and no pay as you go. Does anyone know of any company that sells them on PAYG terms.

We have a 3G dongle from Bouyges Telecom for the laptop but I can't find a SIM on their site.

Thanks in advance for any help



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Hi rowland - not sure where you've been looking (?) but I think you'll find most of (not all) the major operators in France offer a PAYG SIM card - you just need to check you have the necessary coverage wherever you'll be - here's a few links....





VERY expensive way of doing things though - you may want to consider a monthly package - plenty of them out there without contract.

But - you could always use the Bouygues SIM you already have in your dongle (or ask them for a mini SIM).


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