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Need a bit of advice. Have an Amstrad Skydigibox when I turn it on there's no power going to it, have checked power lead and changed fuse inside, still nothing. Anything else I can try ? A friend says if I buy a TNT box, 25 euros, all will work again, is that correct ?


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There is a fuse inside the box which can blow see



Once you have checked everything. My first choice would be a

UK Freesat decoder such as :


Either SD = single definition or HD = High Definition if you

have a large screen TV with an HDMI socket. HD is more expensive but future

proof. The key advantages of buying a UK freesat box :

The Electronic Program Guide will be better than an off the

peg French purchased box.

The box will automatically pick up the new paramaters when

the big shuffle of UK channels happens this summer

Second choice a Numerique Satelite decode but neither TNT

par Sat or Fransat.  Some but not all TNT

par Sat and Fransat decoders with a card slot have been slogged so they do not

receive the full or any of the frequencies used for English language

broadcasts. Example of a suitable box belox.


If I was going through the hassle of having a box sent from

the UK I would probably buy a HUMAX PVR for freesat.


If your friend has a TNT par Sat box check that it does

pickup the UK channels then buy the same model locally.

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It's a very common failing with both Amstrad and many other brands of Sky box and a set of capacitors in the power supply is usually all that's needed to restore them to working order.

I have a collection of Amstrad sky boxes and at one time or another they have all needed it and I keep a stock of capacitors to cater for it [;-)]

I suppose which way you resolve your problem depends on whether you have a Sky sub or not and if you do if you wish to keep it.

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