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Thought with the change of satellites and the various comments I would bring over a 100cm dish to replace our 80cm dish.

We are in a bit of a windy position and the dish is mounted low down on a wall and is currently mesh.

I presume I would be better replacing with a mesh dish due to the wind or would a solid one be OK.

I am guessing that a solid dish gives a stronger signal than a mesh one.


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The holes in a perforated dish are so small relative to the wavelegnth of signal that the dishes reflect almost all the signal.

Think of it as peas in a colander.  Unless I was coming down for a holiday and

dread being stuck without TV I would wait till the migration to the new satellites

is complete before deciding on dish size.


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Thanks for the reply.

We are coming down for 3 months. I think I read somewhere that anything over 1m requires planning permission so I thought going to 1m would be the best option and give the best chance of a signal whatever happens.

In addition, the existing dish is quite elderly with a single LNB and I have bought an octo LNB (known here are two types with similar names - this has 8 outputs) so a new dish would ensure it fits.


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