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Which SIM card / contract for me?

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I have a smartphone and 2 SIM cards. Leclerc Pay-As-You-Go, cheap for French calls, no independent internet access and cannot make calls from the UK. Plus my UK Virgin SIM which is also PAYG, can be used anywhere in the world and can access internet.

What I'm looking for is a SIM contract which allows me to use the phone anywhere in the world without having to notify the operator beforehand, and gives internet access - either by contract or PAYG - but reasonable cost. I don't make a lot of calls, rarely text (so unlimited SMS is useless) but do go on the interspazz a lot for mail, maps, etc.

Been to SFR, Bouygues, France Telecom etc., and am getting baffled and confused by the different tariffs. So I'm asking advice - which SIM do you have, do you recommend it, why did you choose that?

If I have to stay with Virgin then I will although it's easier to have a French mobile number.

So all advice much appreciated and thanks for all replies.
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Try looking at B&YOU (bouygtel), SOSH (orange/FT), FREE. SFR do one as well but can't remember what they call it RED I think. These all came about when Free started up the cheap mobile phone service and forced the other main players to provide something similar.

 I use B&YOU probably only because I was already with Bouyg. For 9.99E I get unlimited Texts unlimited calls to fixed and mobile phones in france plus 20meg internet. For 19.99 you get the same calls but also includes calls to fixed lines in about 100 countries plus some American mobiles and an incrrease in internet to 3gigabyte (after which the speed is reduced). I think most of the others are around about the same. B&Y can be cancelled at any time.

These are all internet based and as far as I am aware the shops don't mention or advertise them as they want to sell you an all singing all dancing contract for 1 or 2 years at 50 odd euros a month! (you do however generally get a free or subsidized phone)

The all do a prepay sim only service too.

I don't go abroad often just the odd visit to see my mum in the UK the phone has always worked there without having to arrange it as I used to, always get a text (well lots of them actually) as soon as the phone roams onto the UK network telling me how much calls will cost both making and receiving plus the cost of sending texts and MMS.

So far I am happy with them I am saving nearly 12 euros a month compared to my last contract

Hope this helps

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[quote user="Anton Redman"]Phone house were not a patch on customer service versus Carphone Warehouse but were the least bad French shop[/quote]

I stand to be corrected, but I seem to recall reading in Midi Libre within the last week or so that The Phone Shop was throwing in the towel and would be closing down over the next year, partly because the contract that they had with one of the major French operators had not been renewed.

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