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New contract with Orange

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I have had 3 emails thanking me for ordering my new livebox zen

"Nous sommes heureux de vous confirmer votre commande de l’offre Livebox zen-nécessite abo tel en date du 18/06/2013."

Its a scam I thought and ignored it. Looking at my account online today and it says my account is being migrated. Anyone know what they are up to?



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I've just been through this and it took ages to sort out. Over-eager telesales people (person) in my case. I lost my telephone connection for a week, unable to make or receive calls, but bizarrely the internet continued to work. Now everything is restored but my telephone contract is "new" (lost my messagerie recording for example) and is now with Oranage rather than France Telecom as it was the week before.

The story is far too long to relate here, but in the end I had to get one of my French neighbours to call and lose his temper for me! It's so frustrating when you get to an argument and are unable to express yourself strongly or forcibly enough.

I too found that a new Livebox Zen was on its way; an item that I neither want nor need.

I was offered a 20mega internet service. I asked the guy to put the details in the post for me to peruse at my leisure. The next day my telephone was cut off, and the documents arrived by email thanking me and confirming my new order. After some investigation I confirmed that 20 mega is not possible where I live, so I cancelled the "order" and that's when the trouble started.

My advice: don't speak to anyone from Orange if they phone you.

If you find that you have a problem go to one of the shops and complain loudly, or get a French neighbour to do it by phone (unless of course you are confidant enough to try it yourself!).

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