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ads appeaaring on bridge game

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I use msn free bridge but this month a series of ads or news items has appeared along bottom of the game page ,so I am unable to use page properly to bid game.

I cannot remove these ,and not being an internet expert only a beginner ask for help with simple instructions to remove these.


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What browser are you using to access the internet? Are you using Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome or something else?

It's helpful if you can give this information so that people can help you. If you're using Internet Explorer I'm not sure there's much that you can do, but if it's one of the others, you can download an add-on such as Adblock which will block the ads.

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There are some adblockers for Internet Explorer - my bad, I haven't used IE for donkey's years. Try downloading this, for example. The source is safe.


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