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Orange:Cancelling fixed line and internet

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You can now cancel both these

services with one telephone call.


On Tuesday 2nd July

2013 I phoned the Orange/French Telecom English helpline and said we shall be

selling our house in France in September and wish to cancel our fixed line and

our internet services.  He asked what

date I want the services to be cancelled and explained that the system has been

changed so  that he can now cancel both

these services.


I explained that I do not have a

date for the Acte yet and he said he has made a note so that all I need to do

is to ring again when I have a date and both services will be cancelled from

that date and a refund will be made for the unused period.


Orange/French Telecom English



From France 0969 36 39 00 at

local rates

From UK 0033 969 36 39 00


I only waited two minutes for my call to be answered, but as

you can wait a long time, when I phoned from the UK I only paid 1p per minute

by first dialling 08448 610 610 (Telediscount) and then dialling 0033 969 36 39

00 # as soon as the operator announced that calls will be charged at 1p per

minute.  You don’t have to use the #,

but it does speed up the connection. 

There is a connection charge of 14p.


 Message to Orange: Welcome to the 21st century!

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