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Orange Internet - invoice shock

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I am convinced there is also malware around to 'play' this system, although I cannot prove this. There are reports of people just visiting the 'pagesjaunes' to find a phone number  that are charged via Orange just for searching a phone number and when they look again later to check that webpage appears to be filled with paid options. But when I visit the French pagesjaunes I see no paid options at all. Be sure to keep malware out of your browser, block adds and never accept a 'free' browser toolbar.

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There is a major flaw in the Orange setup. Unless you have created a secondary email account, anyone using your connection has access to your espace client. There is no password required until you have more than one email accounts on your Orange account. This means that connection is automatic.

Here is how it works - even if you have changed the settings for contact+ ot internet+ to disabled (désactivé).

Someone is browsing using your connection (by cable or wifi) and they find a page which uses contact+ like Jon's driving test quiz site - possibly this one for example (be careful!) www.revisioncode.com/

a little popup link says

"pour consulter ce service avec contact+, vous devez activer cette option dans votre espace client Orange. > j'accède à mon espace client"

If you click on the link you can then change the setting in the Orange account to allow the service (and payment, of course!) with a couple of clicks. That's it! you (the account holder) have now subscribed to this "service" and you have no idea that your settings have been changed.

After that, any similar site payment is automatic as you have now "agreed" to this type of payment.

This of course works in Orange's favour as they get a cut from every purchase made via these systems.

To avoid this, one needs to create a secondary email account in the espace client. Once this is done, you or anyone else needs to enter your password to access the 'espace client'.

It is a major scam for Orange - and other ISPs too.

internet+ is used by Alice, Bouygues, Free, SFR and Orange http://internetplus.fr/

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I have just got off the phone to the Orange

English help line. I explained that I was not at all happy about being

charged for something that was not indicated as chargable. Also that I

had been back onto the Le Code Route site to see if I could find any

such indication and couldn't. The guy on help line has disabled contact+

and refunded the fraudulant charge completely, including a couple of €€

to cover the visit to check for the charging.

I'll have a look at creating another e-mail address Danny, but there is only me and SWMBO that use either of the Macs in the house so it shouldn't be a problem? I am just wondering about disabling internet+ now? Anyone know any reason why not??

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That seems to be the way of it, if you argue they cave in quite easily which it tant amount to admitting that they know full well what's going on.

It's not yourselves you need to be concerned with but visitors or anybody accessing your WiFi as simply by typing orange.fr into their browser they will be instantly into your account and email etc. exactly as you would be.

Disabling Internet + will have no effect on anything else whatsoever so the question is is there any reason to have it on to which the answer is no.

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good for you.

Yes, John, you should also disable internet+.

It serves exactly the same purpose as Contact+

I presume that Orange make more commission from that one if the person did not offer to disable that "service" at the same time.

It does no harm to create a secondary email even if you do not use it, just in case someone manages to hook up via wifi or someone visits....

You will of course then need to put in a password when you want to access your espace client or webmail.


EDIT just noticed that An0ther beat me to it....

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Both the internet and the contact  have been deactivated so I guess he looses his bonus [B] So is wifi partagé ? Any idea what that is?

Plus, now it won't let me sign in to the screen to look at the state of the 2 miscreants so I guess you only get that choice if they are activated? I saw they were deactivated on the mes services screen.

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In plain English Partage is where you section off a part of your WiFi which other Orange customers can use by signing into it with their own user ID and password.

Activating it also means that if you are out and about and find a WiFi signal called simply 'Orange' then you should be able to log into it with your ID and password.

There is no real downside to activating it.

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