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App Store scam?

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I've just had an email from AppStore showing a receipt for two games downloaded at a cost of £43.98 and that it is for my information but should it not have been me that downloaded the games then to click the link for further information.

I haven't clicked the link. I have never downloaded any games or anything at all from the AppStore so wonder if it's a scam and if anyone else has had one of these emails.

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Definitely do NOT click on the link. If it is like Google you should be able to access your account from a computer directly and see the activity. There is a link between the program when installed and the ESN (electronic serial number) of the device it has been installed on. This is to stop you loading it onto other devices without paying. So if somebody has hacked your account, which does happen if you read the press, and has installed the software on their machine they can stop it from working and give you your money back.
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