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email address for a complaint to Orange please

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Hi all,

Mrs KG here and doing her nut! Can some kind person tell me if there is an email address for complaining to Orange. I want to write in english preferably and do not want to telephone as I may use some very unreasonable words but I have had enough of Orange this year.

We subscribe for 40 euros p.m. for internet/telephone/rental of livebox & cheap calls to the UK.

So far this year the tele/internet line has been down for 2 days at the beginning of february. I then receive a letter to say I will be getting a new livebox and at the end of february as it will perform better than the old one etc (I didn't ask for a new one as the old one worked ok). A new livebox2 arrived at the end of feb but I think they must have disconnected me in advance of receiving the box as I didn't have a tele/internet connection for 4 days before it arrived! When it arrived it came with a note for me to return the old livebox in the box the new one came in, labels were supplied and the note stated to do it within 15 days. I then had to drive 20km to take it to the nearest collection point as stated by them for it to be picked up.

May 6 - no connection again. Rang on Thursday 7th from my neighbours phone as I don't have a mobile. Their reply is can't come out to our house until today (monday) and will be there between 8-9am. No-one arrived but at 11.30am all the livebox lights were static green so I wandered off to try the pc and hey presto and thank goodness all is working. No-one rang to say the problem has been fixed so I could still be sitting waiting for a knock on the door.

Now it would be very easy to be so relieved as to not complain but I've had enough and think I should be entitled to a small refund (well I can try!). I looked at Orange espace client but I just don't know where I should be sending my complaint.

I would be very grateful for any info, thanks KG
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A written complaint MUST be in French else it goes in the bin. It also needs to be grammatically correct. There are 'standard' letters on the Internet that you can put your name on and send off but I fear this will be no good for you because your problems were 'unique'. Their Customer Service is at the Montpelier address.
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I don't want to sound discouraging, knee gel, but unless Orange has changed totally the way they do business with their clients, I wouldn't bother to complain, nevermind try to get a refund.

I am only saying this to save your blood pressure and your certain frustration.

Q will probably say they are wonderful (he has done in the past) but, equally, without boring you with details, I can state categorically that my experience of Orange has not been the happiest.

If you do decide to go ahead and wind yourself up some more, would you mind letting us know the outcome?

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We had the same ongoing problem, and finally I gritted my teeth and rang them. I hate having to speak french on the phone, but decided to try.

To cut a long story short, they found someone to speak english to me and we got a month's supply free. At one point in the conversation the cat jumped onto me and scratched me so I screamed down the phone [:'(]

Since then, I hardly dare say this, but they seem to have replaced some of the old network, it breaks down less often.

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I know that it is often the thing on here to want to write or speak in english in France to whosoever we are dealing with, but frankly, doing that never crossed my mind. I believe that too much is literally lost in translation.

Write in french. OR if you call, speak french and if your french is not too hot, then tant pis for them, let them work out what you want to say in 'their' all too complicated language. If I could do it, anyone can.

When I look back France Telecom was not so bad. When they said that they would come, they would give a half hour window, perhaps less and were on time. When we had problems they were resolved quickly. Orange however, is now like I find BT in the UK and not a company I would ever do business with.

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Thanks for all your replies. I could just about write what I want to say in french with the help of my Oxford dictionary of course but having somewhat calmed down I am wondering whether to bother. I've spoken to another french neighbour this afternoon who also has been without connection since last wednesday. He said when things work in france usually they are very good but when they go wrong it is a catastrophe. When I told him we had finally got the connection back his reply was (jokingly) that he has to wait until tomorrow that he is french and how come I got special attention. My reply was that there must be an english person working in that office! He's not too bothered as he said it's all way past his head and that it's his daughter that needs it for her Uni homework. I wouldn't usually bother too much but my MIL has just finished her cancer treatment and was going last week for her final scan - I haven't been able to ring her to chat etc. However as it is my birthday tomorrow and I will be 60 I am going to put all of this out of my grey matter for the time being.

Many thanks once again for the replies. Mrs KG

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Have you tried the English speaking helpline - they might be useful in this way.

We got sent a new livebox to replace out 10 yr old one, and since we installed it about 3 wks ago, it has been brilliant, so far no breaks in service, even when using the internet phone ... we were told by the english speaking line when we rang (put one cable in the wrong hole!) that they were replacing old liveboxes and no longer supporting them.

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I had to ring EDF after continued problems with their website for the relevés of my 3 supplies.

I have to say the women that answer the phones are excellent and have a very soothing manner, they need to be because just the rigmarole of getting to speak to a human, being sent round in circles and then cut off leaves me spitting with apoplexy.

Anyway we spoke in French as always, she calmed me down and whilst not apologising (something I never expect and that one should never ask for in France) she said that in view of the problems I had she would like to make une geste commerciale of €30 which left me speechless, in fact I thought she said an odd amount including centimes.

Sure enough i got a virement of €30.10cts which equated to an equally odd number hors taxes.

Well I was actually pleased but looking through my bills to try and find the amount (they actually sent me a separate bill for it!) I have just found that they have screwed me, and no doubt all of the rest of you as well for a retroactive backcharge for the year 2012/2013 which just about wipes out their geste.

Go and look at your last bill and I bet you find that you to are being ****** over 3 years later for their mistakes, my bill was dated 26th of March.

If you want détails its the arrêté du 28 Juillet 2014

Talk about giving with one hand and taking with the other [:(] 

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