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Orange webmail question

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Hi all,

Before my line connection went down two weeks ago, I used to open my emails from the Orange page by clicking the 'Mail' box. Since my reconnection I now get a message every time to say 'Safari cannot verify the identity of website 'webmail 1m'. I get the option to continue, cancel or show certificate.

The 'webmail 1m' can sometimes read 'Webmail 1e or 1c, 1g etc.

Is this normal?

If I click on the box below Mail on the Orange page ie 'Boite Vocals' I go straight in (no message), I can then click on the mail tab to receive my emails

Thanks, Mrs KG
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Thanks for the info,

I've checked date and time and both are correct and the automatic update is on also. Mrs KG

Update: this morning I've gone straight into my email box without the safari message so whatever the problem was it appears to have sorted itself - well for the timebeing! Mrs KG

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