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telephone exchange: MELLERAY

line length: 2,412 meters

theoretical weakness: 36.18dB

line status: ACTIVE

estimated maximum speed ADSL: 9.08 Mbps

VDSL estimated maximum flow: Incompatible

Hi All,

Having read through a lot of the forum and now confused,the above is the test I did on the line that some say is useless but is this any good.What I want to be able to do is get as fast as possible speed to stream football when the new season starts as my team Bournemouth have just been promoted. Any advice and help in simple terms would be appreciated.



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The ADSL speed is the speed that your line length/quality will support - you can't increase it.

The speed indicated is probably OK but you have not said how (i.e. what site, what video quality the streams will be etc) you are planning to stream the football matches so it is hard to tell you if it will work or not.

It may help (but probably won't) to connect the computer to the router/modem with an ethernet cable rather than using wifi which can be less reliable.

Is it not possible to just try it and see?


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Thanks Guys I have just done a test and a site a friend sent that did a ping www.speedtest.net/ and I got 3.25 back,does anyone know how you can do a proper test on orange is there a way on their site to run a test I have looked but cannot see how.


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There is a program that Orange has that runs on your PC similar to speedtest. I cannot remember where it is but when I had a problem the Orange guy told me where to go and run it. Why not give them a call and simply ask? Another way to look at it is if you have Orange TV do they offer it via the Internet or satellite? If it is by satellite then you know the speed must be under 4 as that is the minimum for Orange TV.
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I took the advice and phoned the English orange help line and got through very quickly and the guy on the phone was very helpful and checked the line and internet.He admitted that it was very slow and would send an engineer out in the afternoon and they duly arrived at 4pm,after checking everything they found that the cable used were old type and only rated at 4mb (I think that's what he said,I am not technical) and they should be 8mb.

Whats others views before I get an electrician out to change the cable or is it easy to buy good phone cable and sockets in France.
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Good luck with getting an alleged substandard cable changed, only Orange

can do that anyway, you cannot just call an electrician in !

In any case you cannot say that a cable itself is rated at any particular speed, it's the losses it introduces which determine that and those are a product of the cable size and length.

Also, if your cable is limiting you to 4mb it will be a considerable length of it doing it, maybe into kMs and maybe buried too !

You can find out the make up of your line - according to the Orange records anyhow !

When you do a test on say Degrouptest amongst the results you will find something like this:

Longueur de ligne :

4936 mètres :

4/10 sur 1920 mètres

6/10 sur 3016 mètres

Affaiblissement théorique :  59.8648 dB

What those number mean:

Longueur de ligne : - length of your line (as recorded in the Orange records and definitely NOT to be taken as gospel !)

4/10 sur 1920 mètres - means that 1920 mètres of the line is comprised of .4mm cable

6/10 sur 3016 mètres - means that 3016 mètres of the line is comprised of .6mm cable

(Lines my be comprised of many different sections)

Affaiblissement théorique :  - the CALCULATED line losses.

Now, if you know the per kM losses for the common cable sizes you can do some calculations, I happen to know and for the numbers above which are for my own line the sums go like this:

Losses for .4mm are 15dB/m so 15 x 1.920 = 28.8dB

Losses for .6mm are 10.3dB/m so 10.3 x 3.016 = 31.0648dB

Add those together and you get 59.8648, EXACTLY as per Degroupetest which is proof beyond question that lines are calculated NOT measured.

Further proof, and the ONLY accurate measure of the losses on any line is the attenuation reported by the Livebox or router, most will show it.

That said unfortunately the latest Livebox firmware did away with that reading but from before I know that my actual attenuation is about 43dB and that the last kM or so of cable to my property is actually .8mm so there is no doubt whatsoever that the Orange records are wrong but getting them to A/ accept that and B/ do anything about it is utterly impossible.

If anybody wants to do the sums for their own lines the other common cable sizes and losses are:

.5mm - 12.4dB

.8mm - 7.9dB

There is a line tester on the Orange portail but it's a pretty basic Go/No Go test, I think this link should work.


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Wow that's pretty detailed and not sure I understand it all,the guys that came out from orange told me to get an electrician to change the cable as they did not do it and its an internal cable not outside and one the previous people fitted and looks a cheaper cable in fact I saw them in brico marche. The cable is also fitted around doors and looks to be pinched in places so dont know if this makes a difference.
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That makes the comment about the cable only being rated for 4mb even

more silly, being pinched and crimped can indeed cause bottlenecks but without proper measurement their effect will be

completely unquantifiable and blandly blaming them for limiting your speed

to 4mb is just nonsense.

I presume you are talking about a DIY

extension from the point of entry/termination of the Orange line and if

so few meters of cable between that and the router should make no

difference at all.

To illustrate that the supplied cable which goes from the wall socket to the router is typically about .3mm and 2 or 3m long yet can still deliver the fastest speeds commonly available over copper wires.

Is it possible for you to plug the router in at that

entry point to see what you get there because that will show you what the

line is giving.

IMO the obsession with speed is out of control because the plain truth is that for the average domestic user there is little you can do on 20/50/100mb that you can't do on 8 !

Apparently in a suburb of Paris near CDG airport FREE are providing an astonishing 370mb !

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