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Numbers in telephone directory

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We don't have a landline and a neighbour has kindly given us an old directory.

We have noticed that some people have two numbers allocated - one beginning 03 which is the regional code and the second beginning 09.

Can anyone explain the difference please.

Thanks in advance
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AFAIK, if you have an 09 number you're with Orange for your internet and the 09 number takes callers to your internet phone line...which makes no difference whatsoever to the person making the call, but if you're ringing out from the 09 number you get free calls as part of your internet bundle.

09 is a non-geographic prefix, so everywhere in the country there are people with 09 numbers.
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The only catch is that 09 numbers from Britain are hugely expensive to dial,  even with cheapie over-rides etc.   Last time I checked it was something like 30 p per minute as compared to 2 p per minute to an ordinary 03 type number. 

Others may correct me on that but it's what our provider indicated.....

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