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Free.fr roaming coverage?

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A shoort while back we had a holiday in Malta. We flew via Gerona and I found that although I have the roaming options turned on on my Moto G there was no cover anywhere we went in Spain. It was fine in Malta, but the same, no cover when we returned to Spain.

In the near future we will be going to the U.K. and I am now wondering if we will get coverage there?

Does anyone have any ideas on this, both Spain and the U.K. please? I don't really want the bother of getting a PAYG sim in the U.K. as we are only going for a few daze..

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I had the same problem in Spain recently.

We had three phones with Free which were unable to get a registered on any Spanish network.

I did tell Free when we came back and it seems that you need to restart the phone and manually select the Spanish provider and then restart again.

I am pretty sure (not 100%) we tried that there and it didn't work so it seems to be aSpanish problem.

I have had no problems in the UK,


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I remember having a lot of trouble with my phone in Spain. It showed plenty of bars but when you tried to ring out it wouldn't, and people also had difficulty ringing in. As I recall it would sent texts. However that was not free.fr, it was sfr via Leclerc. Which works fine in Italy Belgium Ireland UK....

Must be a Spanish thing.
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We have two phones on Free 2€ deal, with roaming enabled for both.

We go to Spain for shopping regularly, last times on 27/3, 11/4 and 18/5.

The phones always work perfectly there, both for calling each other, receiving calls from outside Spain, and making calls within Spain and to France.

We have never had to make any adjustments, switch on and off, etc., they automatically switch to a Spainsh provider as we pass the border, usually Aena or Movistar.

We lived in Spain since 1978 and never paid a bribe to anyone.

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