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Amazon Fire Stick ????

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Has anyone bought either a U.K. or French Amazon Fire Stick for their T.V.?  If so does it work well?


1 - Will a U.K. Stick work in France and if so does it pick up U.K. programs?

2 - Assuming a U.K. Stick does not work, I understand that with a French stick some programs are available with dual language sound track.  Does anyone know what percentage of programs are available with English language sound/sub-titles?

It seems to be IMPOSSIBLE to find out what channels and what content is available.

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Thanks for replying, I must admit I didn't look on French Amazon but the U.K. one does say they won't post to France.  A friend uses an IP address masker and it works very well with the catch-up channels but we're looking for specific series' (The Flash, Arrow, Penny Dreadful etc.) and I can't find out of the series' we like are on Amazon.

We have FreeSat but the problem with the way T.V. is scheduled today is that you never know when the next episode is on, especially if it's a two part episode.

We have a friend who has Netflix and we've tried that but the series' are woefully out of date, sometimes 2 entire series behind.

Anyway maybe I should investigate a French Netflix.


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You can use a UK Netflix account in France without any problems except they have different sets of series because of copyright, etc. e.g. you can view Elementary, the US modern take on Sherlock Holmes on French Netflix but not on UK Netflix. You can use Flixsearch to find out which countries a program is available in on Netflix.

Series availability always depends on who owns the rights in  country (and how much they are willing to pay). There are series which started out on, for example, on the BBC, but became very popular and then Sky outbid and bought the rights to later series.
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Sorry I found this late as I've just done a Netflix search.

We have a Samsung Smart Tv, but I can't find the Netflix app on it, and when I key in manually it comes back saying it can't find it.

How does it work please? Our TV is around 5 years old now and set up for internet (I think). I manage to get BBC News 24 on it and a few other useless things.
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We have a Samsung Smart TV too, and the Netflix app is pre-loaded and listed with all the other 'Video' apps (I access it with the Smart Hub button on the remote, then the Samsung Apps (pale green), scroll to Categories/Videos).

This might help.

We install our TV with a UK postcode. This offers a different set of apps than those available under a 'France' set-up, and brings up the UK TV apps like BBC iPlayer, ITV etc...

These UK apps rely on the internet feed being in the UK, so we have to pretend we're not in this country to access the services (The forum rules mean I can't go into details about this here.)

Netflix France has to abide by the French regulations  and I think it's something like 36 months before a cinema release can be shown on TV, which means that the films that are listed tend to be older, unless they are produced by Netflix and go straight to streaming, bypassing the big screens altogether.

As far as TV series are concerned, there are fewer 'seasons' available to watch as the more recent episodes are contracted to certain channels (usually Canal). I could watch on all 3 seasons of (for instance) Luther on Netflix UK, but only 2 seasons on Netflix France.

On the other hand, Outlander is on Netflix France and Belgium, but not on Netflix UK, as the series is (was?) an Amazon exclusive in the UK.

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It could well be that your smart TV is the older type that only has a web browser, not the pre-loaded technology to access Netflix, iPlayer etc. In that case, you will need something like an Amazon Firestick to do the job.

That is the case with one of our Samsungs and we have also a subscription with www.Unlocator.com that unlocks all of the UK main channel players and a host of other things. It is struggling with US Netflix at present as are most location-masking systems. Th eonly one that I understand works consistently is www.ExpressVPN.com but that would need to be set up on your router.

I have started a thread elsewhere about this, as I don't think it will work with our Orange Livebox.
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[quote user="PaulT"]That great lump Clarkson, in Amazons UK adverts says that they have sent Fire Sticks to Europe.[/quote]


I saw that whilst back in the UK, is it perhaps a cheeky hint that the things will actually work in Europe but that you need to be creative to get hold of and use one?


Or is it just a crap advert?

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