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[quote user="Cathar Tours"] Fortunately it won't be me nor many like myself, not after what your generation has done to us this year. [/quote]

If you are referring to the referendum in June then, in contrast to your belief, the older members of our family voted Remain and all the youngsters (below 45) voted Leave. Where does that fit in with what you are saying ?

[quote user="Cathar Tours"]

It's not an arrogance that we hold towards your generation just a terrible dislike and contempt.[/quote]

Misguidedly so it appears.


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Well Sue I am sorry to disagree. I would strongly suggest you google something like "UK EU Referendum result based on age group". There are numerous sources. There are of course exceptions in all camps.

Anyway thanks to AnOther we have drifted way off course here.

What I was trying to get over to the man with the hotel (or whatever) is he has to walk a careful line here. Make his internet access for his guests limited because of one or two idiots means he MAY get bad reviews (if reviews are important to him). Good Internet access in hotels etc. have gone beyond a "courtesy" to a necessity in this day and age and that bad reviews because of poor Internet access could possibly effect his number of reservations.

Like I said I wouldn't stay anywhere that didn't have good Internet access. That's not me being a "spoiled brat" or "selfish" it's a plain fact of life and age has nothing to do with it.

The guy could just remove the access and that would save him any grief but he obviously sees the benefit of having it to attract guests to his hotel. I also doubt, because he seems quite an intelligent chap, that he provides it as a courtesy more as a necessity for his business. At the end of the day it's up to him.
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I get you completelty, my to date excellent review score is my number one priority and I am all too aware, thankfully by the failings of my competitors how easy it is to alienate people and end up with a bad review, even if you have 9.9 score you are only as good as your last review, if its bad thats what the world will see first, some like me will search from low to high.


I understand ANO's point but that is exactly how people react these days and its not just the Young and arrogant, they are less likely to leave a review and more likely to be positive if they do, the older ones if they have something to say will leave an anonylous review but from their comments I can see who it was. I have a review score of 9+, some while back someone left an anonymous review, no comments and my lowest score ever of  5.5 without leaving any comment, what use is that? I am failry certain who it was, a person of 60 years old who did not like being reminded politely not to smoke in a no smoking establishment.


When I started out my Wi-Fi was not 100% and my review score really suffered for it, its especailly noticeable when you have very few reviews, I started at 8 and quickly installed a secondary router in a better position and my score crept up to 9+ where it has remained, looking in detail I was scoring 10 for categories like the staff (me) cleanliness both of which really chuffed me, the rooms etc, down to 9 for the location which if anything was generous, I would give it 2.5!!! but it was the Wi-Fi dragging down my overall score,


in the last 2 years according to my taxe de sejour figures I have had around 700 guests staying 2000 nights and I can categorically say that to the vast majority of them the free Wi-Fi is the most important thing and the category that they are most likely to mark me down for, seemingly they will be oblivious of a poor location and think that the grumpy git running and cleaning the place is worth 10 out of 10 so long as the Wi-Fi works!

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At the risk of moving slightly but not totally away from the original subject I think that if a hotel advertises that it has this, that and the other then that, should I chose to give it a review, is what I will "mark" it on.

I stayed in a couple of hotels on my drive down to Portugal this year. When I read the reviews before I booked on the one I chose it said that there was no English TV other than a news channel. Doesn't worry me I can watch UK TV on my tablet if I really wanted to.

When I gave my review I mentioned that there was no English TV but seeing as it was not a resort hotel and being in central Spain I wouldn't expect it to have UK TV. I also pointed out that the WiFI was good and I used my tablet. What I really wanted to say is that you really must be a dick head if you think a place like that in central Spain was going to have UK TV. Even the flash expensive hotels in central Madrid don't have UK TV.

Perhaps it's the older generation who have to much time on their hands (I don't mean that disrespectfully) and watch the 3 or 4 or whatever in a bed type programs who think they are proper hotel inspectors, examining the tops of pictures, wardrobes etc. Me and my mates are interested in if it was clean in general, good beds, decent service, hot water (been caught on that one more than once), good Wifi and good staff. Certainly wouldn't go round checking the top of every picture. I also think it is only fair to tell the owner/manager when you leave face to face if there are any problems, gives them a chance to sort them out. Sometimes by doing so they knock some money of the bill, something us students like.

I take it your talking about "Booking". I didn't now that by marking your review Anon that the owner couldn't see who you were. I thought it was just the public. Live and learn I guess.
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