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For many years I have been able to receive Sky Sports channels via my Ipad as long as I have my VPN connected. Yesterday however things changed and even with the VPN on a message appears saying 'we cannot verify that you are in the UK'. This happens with location services on or off. Now I know that BT Sport have used location services to ensure that users are in The UK for a long time, do we now think Sky are doing the same thing and, if so does anyone know a workaround for this?
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It looks as if they are slowly closing loop holes. For me I enjoy F1 and as you know not all the races are shown live on UK television, As I also have a French sat box I can tune into one of the German channels and receive the transmission free to air, ( for how long I don't know) the language is a bit of a problem but by listening to radio5 live they transmit the race most of the time. The David Hay fight a couple of weeks ago was on SKY but as normal was encrypted, but by going to a French channel it was all there in the clear.

So there might be a work around but for how long? It depends what you want to watch.

French friends are jealous of the Wimbledon transmission as its only available to Canel plus.

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