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Freeview not required on a recently acquired tv

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I've just been given a 2 year old Samsung TV which appears to have built-in Freeview. However I would like to use it WITHOUT Freeview and use it via an old skybox.

Anyone know how or if this could be done. It will only be used in bedroom as my main TV is via satellite using a FREESAT box.



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Yes. Older Sky boxs have scart connectors, if it's young enough it may have HDMI. Connect the sky box to the TV with either an HDMI cable or Scart cable. On the TV select 'source' or 'input' and then select scart or HDMI. Job done. The freeview tuner is then redundant as the source for that is probably 'antenna'.

Hope this helps.
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And if you have a mismatch - TV with an HDMI connection but no SCART, Satellite box with SCART but no HDMI, you may well find that they both have the very old style red/yellow and white triple jack plug which will work.
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