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Another Dumb Question

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Well I have decided to go down the Bouygues route which seems a very good deal, basically free unlimited calls for a year. That's not the problem whilst filling in the online form it is asking me if I want to keep my existing mobile phone number, as I do not have a French mobile, I clicked on the 'non' button. But trying to move onto the next screen it is asking for a mobile number.[8-)]

Here comes the dumb question, where does your mobile phone number come from, is it supplied with the telephone that you purchase, or is it to do with the sim card? I assumed it would be the sim card, but as Bouygues are asking for a mobile number, presumably it comes with the phone.

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Not a dumb question but a dumb website, - quoi de neuf!


Either its defaulting to the "I want to keep my existing number" or it wants your existing one to communicate with you during the process and has not considered the possibility that it might be someones first mobile phone.


They may charge you more for a new number, Free does, its because then they have to supply, program and send out a sim card whereas if you keep an existing number its all done over the ether.

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Thanks to you both for your vote of confidence.[:D]

I have just returned from a visit to Darty to purchase a new phone, thinking that the phone would come with a new number, as my pre-paid UK phone did, so that I could key the number into the Bouygues site. We had a very nice young lad serve us, who was very proficient in English and happy to speak to us in English. Unfortunately there was little choice of phones at the real cheap end I was seeking and we ended up with a Wiko for 17.99€. After he had rung up the purchase I asked him if the phone came with a new number, to which he replied, no. I thought oh bum, I went on to explain to him that the Bouygues site required an existing mobile number even if I did not want to keep the existing number that I do not have. He informed us, as you so rightly pointed out above Chancer it is only required so that they can inform me of the progress of the order. I must have looked a little disheartened at this point, as the assistant gave me his mobile number and told me to enter it on the Bouygues website. I have since done this and Bouygues accepted the phone number of the assistant at Darty.[:D]

Thanks to you both for your replies.

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