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be aware - email scam re colissimo

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Hi all, just a reminder to beware.............I know you are all savvie but it may just remind someone who like me is waiting for a parcel via colissimo to ignore an email from the following:

email arrived today from [email protected] to say Madame/Monsieur my parcel ref .... was at the bureau de poste and ready to be delivered to my address but I must ring 08 90 24 14 00 once then ring a second time, note down the code then ring a third time giving the code and my address - all very questionable!

As it happens I am waiting for a parcel due this week via colissimo however I had placed the order via a different email address and I knew this email was odd as the colissimo email address wouldn't be @gmail.com and no-way was I ringing the number shown. However as I was off to the post office I took a copy of the email. The lady checked it out and said it is a scam, never ring the number as it is a very expensive number to call.

Mrs KG
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