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Cancelling internet and phone with SFR

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I am having trouble understanding the procedure of cancelling our internet/phone contract with SFR. I have written to them and explained that we are returning to the UK so no longer need their box, they have sent the following in an email.

"Voici la liste des pièces justificatives correspondantes, datant de moins de 3 mois :

L'avis de mutation professionnelle hors de la métropole ou le contrat de travail d'une durée supérieure à 1 an.

L'avis d'imposition hors de la métropole.

Le bail de location hors de la métropole d'une durée supérieure à 1 an.

La facture de déménagement hors de la métropole émise par le transporteur ou transitaire."

My French is not fluent but I do not have any of these.

Historically all my dealings with SFR have been awful and I would always advise others not to touch them with a bargepole.

What proof do I have to give them, does anybody know what to do?

Any help greatly appreciated!
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Never heard of this rubbish before. When I cancelled with them, I gave formal notice and they told me to send my box to some obscure address miles from anywhere. I objected, screamed a little, said it was a fraud and they sorted it all out. So I managed to send the box after the contract was finished.

I also opposed any more payments going out after they sent an inflated bill with a nasty cancellation fee.

Try phoning their help line and tell them what shyte you have been sent. I think there is an English speaking one.
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Unless you have only been with SFR for a short period, and are so within the minimum contract period you are making things too complicated.

You only need all the things listed if you are trying to get out of a contract , without having to pay the remaining months.

If you have been with them for a long time, and haven't lumbered yourself with a new contract by recently upgrading just tell them you want to cancel the contract.

You can find all the details here including model letters.


You can even send the registered letter from your PC, and wiil get a receipt.

Don't forget you will have to return all their clobber, and from memory pay an exit fee.

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I have done all of the above.

i complained about the price over 2 years ago and was promised a better deal. No new price came but suddenly out of the blue a reduced bill arrived in October last year. I copied a letter of resignation and sent it registered post last week explaining that their contract could not be fulfilled in the UK obviously and the response I got was as written above. They are an absolute bunch of "tossers" and it leaves a sour taste in the mouth, but what do I do next?

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I called SFR asking for clarification regarding acceptable proof of moving and they sent this:

"Les justificatifs demandés doivent être datés de moins de 3 mois sauf l'ordre de mutation pour les militaires, le justificatif doit être daté de moins de 6 mois ? Contrat de travail à l?étranger d'une durée supérieure à 1 an ? Avis de mutation professionnelle pour une durée supérieure à 1 an ? Convention de stage à l?étranger pour une durée supérieure à 1 an (ou si le document stipule Année scolaire 20XX/20XX) ? Document attestant d?1 an d?études à l?étranger, avec tampon de l?école / université (ou si le document stipule Année scolaire 20XX/20XX) ? Avis d'imposition à l'étranger ? Bail ou contrat de location à l?étranger pour une durée supérieure à 1 an ? Facture de déménagement pour l'étranger ? Si militaire en mission à l?étranger : Document du supérieur hiérarchique avec tampon pour une durée supérieure à 1 an."

Am I on planet earth??? My only option appears to be a tax certificate!!!!!

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