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Will our French phones work.............

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...........in the UK?

We have a standard setup of a base unit and two extra handsets. Base is connected to the SFR boxm others just inot the mains. Is there any point in taking the phones to the UK? Can the plugs (which look like little black boxes - ?transformers?) be changed?

Chrissie (81)
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Thanks, that's great to hear. (Would have replied sooner but our internet has been down yet again, sigh).

Now for a potentially really stupid question - once in the UK, if we decide to go for an all-in-one supplier of phone, internet and TV package such as Sky, does the actual phone line still have to be connected by BT? Do they decide if we can keep the old number? And do they charge line rental? We have been here for so long that I feel we are returning to a country where we understand NOTHING!

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My understanding is that most of the phone lines are owned by Openreach, a BT company that the regulator has been pushing to be operated at arms-length from BT (possible conflicts of interest). If this is the case then line rental will be paid to the supplier you have contracted with. As to the number think most numbers are transferable (know that Virgin sometimes change the number).

Some of the companies, such as Sky are starting to install their own equipment in exchanges and the equipment then becomes the sole responsibility of the installer. Think this depends on area.

There is competition between companies so do go on the comparison sites to get the best deal.
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Virgin does not use BT lines to the house as they have their own cable network. However there is no difference in connecting a phone to a Virgin wall box.

If you sign up with Virgin they will probably insist on you paying for the phone service as well. However you can cancel it at the end of the initial contract period. I did that as I calculated for the number of calls I make, just using a mobile phone is cheaper.

You will probably need a mains plug adapter for your phone transformer block; it is not too easy to find replacements with UK-style plugs
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