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Good evening.

We are moving to France in the next few months and are in a pickle about mobile phone use.

We both currently have UK contracts and believe that the UK companies will realise we are abroad and after 2 months will restrict usage.

Whilst in France 99% of our calls will be made to us from the UK and made by us to the UK. Very little calls will be made to French mobile or landline numbers.

If we use the UK numbers will we pay a fortune making / receiving UK calls?

Vice Versa if we get a French sim.

If we get a French sim, any assistance on the best to get would be most appreciated.

Many thanks in anticipation.

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I've been using a UK sim card from a UK company for 15 years so where you get your information from is questionable. The best French sim is a matter of perception, but a cheap option is LeClerc the supermarket. Our house landline in France is Orange and along with that we have a sim, which is very reasonable.
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French providers are among the cheapest in the EU. You can get unlimited calls in the EU for as cheap as €10,- / month including 50Gb. For instance  SYMA using the Orange network. Brexit might become a problem for UK calls, but for now they are included both landline and mobile.

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Spider wrote : Looks interesting.

Looks expensive to me.

Many couples in France who might want to call family/friends in a foreign country sign up for 25€ a month internet access which comes complete with access to VOIP calls to more than 100 countries worldwide included in the monthly charge.

Then they might add a 5€ a month French mobile .. or even, via LeClerc, at 1.50€ a month for French mobile access with some calls plus a small amount of data included.

Of course you could forget the box to access the Internet and go for direct access through a router and a 20, 30 or 50 Go mobile sim via SFR/Red for example .. with mobile calls in France included and then make all your calls to the UK via Whatsapp and use the remainder of the data for Internet access.
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