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Moving Windows to another PC

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My main PC is a desktop running Linux, but beside it I have a laptop which came with W10 - sometimes I need to use Windows. I have finally decided I want to get rid of W10 and install W8.

I have a W8 recovery DVD, which I made for an earlier laptop - I used an app called "Media Creater". I had hoped to use this, but someone told me that an OEM copy of any (recent) Windows OS will only run on the original HW - it is not transferable. Can anyone confirm this?

If it's true, can I still buy a licence for W8?


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An OEM Windows product key is tied to a specific computer so you cannot run the copy of Windows on another PC if it has already been installed as it will have bee nregistered. All the options are explained here https://www.saintlad.com/downgrade-from-windows-10/

You don't say why you want to downgrade from Win 10. There are applications you can run which make Win 10 look like Win 7 (in my opinion, a much better Windows than 8,8.1 or 10). Classic Shell was usually recommended but is no longer developed. But there is now Open Shell which is being developed by volunteers. This The Guardian article and the comments is worh reading https://www.theguardian.com/technology/askjack/2019/jun/06/how-can-i-make-windows-10-look-more-like-windows-7

There are Windows installation disks on eBay (usual caveats)

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The reason I dislike W10 is that it has too many features and runs slowly on a fairly beefy laptop (Intel i5, 8GB). But, maybe I have the solution!

Looking at the specs of the laptop, it says W10 was installed in April 2018. Since I've had the laptop for longer that that, I must have "upgraded" to W10. So, the W8 recovery DVD must be for this M/C. So, in theory, I could re-install W8.

Only two small problems. Is W8 as bad as Kong says? (I can't remember it, as I almost exclusively use Linux, but a retail version of W7 is about £100. Do I dislike W10 that much?) Secondly, I've written down two product keys for W7, and can't remember which it is. Guess I'd have to try both.

I've also found the re-installation DVD of W7, complete with key. But again, an OEM version, so non-transferable. Drat.


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Win 8 was always though to be bad, but you can update to Win8.1, which is much better, for free.


Win10 should run quite well on that laptop. I assume you've already done all the usual suggested fixes you can find using a search for "win 10 running slow"

If you have a backup of all your data files (and have the time), you could download a new full version of Win 10, wipe the disk and install the fresh copy. You laptop is already registered as having a valid licence so you shouldn't need to do any more.
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Hmm, I've lost the first reply to this. Odd. Quand meme....

The recovery dvd for W8 is W8.1, so if I decide to downgrade, I'll be where I want to be.

Re "cleaning" W10. I've used something called "TGTC" since W7 to "tune" Windows, plus I defrag regularly, and always install updates, so W10 should be reasonably sleek. However, I'll look around for more advice.

If I decide to re-install W10, should I use the Recovery partition on this M/C, or download the (presumably, latest) version from MS?

(The more I think about it, the more I like the idea of going back to W8.1. In fact, I've already downloaded the .iso from MS. Is it that simple? Burn it to a thumb drive, and boot from it?)

Thanks for all the help - it's appreciated

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Maybe you should just do a clean install of Win 10.

Download the latest Win 10 ISO and you will not need to worry about activation, as you already are activated. It will just activate automatically.

Link for downloading tool for the ISO. Just choose the Win 10 you want (latest is 1903). Download the ISO, don't do setup. Then burn the ISO to disk or flash drive and boot to that and it will setup a new Win 10.

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