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Amazon firestick

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We have one of these devices in the UK. If we record programmes on it can we watch these on our TV in France. The TV itself is compatible but not sure if you need the internet in the house (which we don't have). If I can access the internet on my mobile when at the house, is it possible that we don't need it, just WiFi which I assume is in the village? Sorry to sound a bit of a dinosaur but technology goes right over my head!!
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You might run into a problem recording TV programmes onto the Firestick because of the memory, the one I have is only 1GB. Without getting technical, depending on the type of file recording you use you might not get much on it.

Theoretically you can set up your mobile phone on France as a WiFi hotspot and connect your firestick to it (assuming you have a contract in France for mobile data). This might help.

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