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French tv - how to set up english on-screen settings

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OK - here's another one of my really stupid questions.
Please have patience and don't get cross with me.  (I'm stressed enough !!!)
We need a new tv.
It will be bought from supermarket/Amazon.   So we will have to set it up ourselves.
Never having done this, with limited french and no techno knowledge -
here's the stupid bit -

Step by step we would -

plug it in; 

the sat box would then be connected;
the tv comes on;
I'm now presuming that because tv is bought in france it is going to display instructions in french - yes/no ?
What would we need to do to have the English instructions so that the tv will display setting instructions in English.
Or, will the chip inside detect that the sat is directed to uk tv channels and the sat box likewise (or does that make no difference ?) - you see, I don't have a clue....
Help and guidance from you wonderful people will, as always, be greatly appreciated.

Stupid Chessie

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Hi Chessie:  Well, I can offer you our own experience from a couple of months ago.  We bought a Samsung TV from Darty.  They delivered it, but we had to unpack it and set it up.  Not a problem.

The instruction manual comes in multiple languages, English included.  So, it will guide you on how to set-up the TV and choose whatever language you wish the prompts to be in.

We use a small antenna for French TV reception, so we don't have a box connected to the TV.  We get TV service for Netflix and Amazon Prime via wifi with  no problem.  So, we have French TV channels, Netflix and Amazon. 

Does that help or did I get your question wrong?  I think all the new TV models come with manuals in multiple languages.  You can probably check that out on the site you are looking to buy from.  It will usually indicate this.

It was the same for the new desktop I am now using.  We bought it from a German supplier, so it arrived with the German language operating system.  We don't speak German, but the machine had 4 different operating systems installed on it, so we just switched it to English.  It has French also.

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Don't get stressed about it.  When you first power up the new TV the options/instructions come up.  One of the first will be language/langue.  Select English and go from there.  Don't plug the sat box in until you have the tv running.  Depending on the TV, you will have on the remote something like "inputs".  As it is a new tv you will have HDMI connections.  Once the sat box is connected.  Go to "inputs" and it will come up with a list of HDMIs, depending on how many your new tv has.  Scroll along the list to the HDMI you have plugged into and select that.  You will then get your sat tv.

Enjoy the new TV.[:D]

PS:  HDMI = High Definition Multimedia Interface.  Just a fancy name for a particular type of connection.[:D]

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Thank you Lori and Weegie
Of course, when you think about it, then being given language choice makes sense.
You can see how stressed I am - I can't even think straight.
I don't have (we can't find) the manual for our present tv so I wasn't able to check and see what language options were available.
I was just concerned that all the initial language for set-up etc would be in french - and techno speak - and I would struggle.
But you're both saying the very first option, once switched on, is language choice.  In which case there shouldn't be a problem.
And Lori - thanks for more info about tv;  might like to ask about Netflix stuff later on, if you don't mind.

I've just come inside from messing around with the Citroen.  We've been told (after a few months wait) that there is a new key for the Citroen ready and waiting (this after OH had lost both keys !!!).
I'm even more stressed now because OH couldn't work out where the lever was to open the bonnet; handbook doesn't show - or I couldn't see.   OH is getting impatient and trying to lift bonnet from windscreen edge, there's me telling him to leave it alone - he'll break something.  Which he has - I think he's now broken a part from the windscreen wiper because he handed me a black plastic part looking thing.

So I've had to get in the car (which I have never driven) - and try to find the release lever for the bonnet.
I'm sorry - nothing to do with tv - but I'm having certain 'problems' here !!!
Thanks for your help - always very much appreciated./

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A TV knows nothing about where it is and plugging in external devices such as satellite boxes etc. cannot and will not change that.

A smart TV will know where it is by virtue of the IP address your router allocates it but that will only affect what's available online and won't change anything else.
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Chessie, just for future reference, if you have a car difficulty like this :

<< I'm even more stressed now because OH couldn't work out where the lever

was to open the bonnet; handbook doesn't show - or I couldn't see. >>

Youtube is often your friend. Search Citroen model number / year or whatever and what you want to do...

citroen berlingo how to open bonnet

...and it's likely someone will already have answered your question and uploaded something to help you. For eg:

e2a: My turn now: anyone know how I can order weed online? [Www]

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