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Does anyone use a Roberts internet radio? We've used one for several years very successfully, but today we lost ALL BBC radio - it says they're playing, but we hear nothing. They play fine on the laptop. Every other station seems to be fine. I've even listened to obscure UK stations in case it was a UK issue. Maybe the Beeb has changed codecs or something and Roberts haven't caught up. I don't know, but wondered if anyone else has had the same problem!
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We've used our Roberts Stream 202 for years and it's been great but recently, particularly on BBC Radio 4 & Times Radio it's been buffering badly.  Radio 4 seems to work fine using the BBC Sounds App on our tablets.  Our internet connection is about 8Mb/s so I'm wondering if it's time for a new radio or whether it's just the BBC/Times internet radio stream being overloaded.

I've checked the BBC website to see if there was a maintenance issue & there wasn't.

Anyone else had the same issue?

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